Detox Diet: Day 1

Mango juice, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia 日本語...

Mango juice, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m Valerie, a friend of Melissa’s.  Today marks Day 1 of my detox diet, and I thought I’d share the plan with you all!

Day 1 and 2 is a water and juice only fast.  This is the hard-core detox part.  If I’m feeling okay on Day 2, I may add a few more days to the fast.  If I get unbearable hungry, I can have a few unprocessed almonds.  My husband is doing this with me.  We bought Bolthouse Farm juices, Simply juices, and tons of fresh produce to use with our juice when we’re home.  I woke up late this morning (10am), so today looks like this:

10am – 16 oz water
1030 – 12 oz hot tea
1130 – Breakfast – 16 oz Simply mango juice
12 – 16 oz water
1 – Snack – 16 oz celery/apple/cucumber juice
2 – 16 oz water
3 –  Lunch – 32 oz watermelon juice
4 – 16 oz water
5 – Snack – celery/pineapple/spinach juice
6 – 16 oz water
7 – Dinner – 32 oz spinach/carrot juice
8 – 16 oz water
9 – 12 oz hot tea

After the juice fast, I can start adding in salads, soups, nuts, and seeds, a few days later we’ll add protein from meats and fish, and eventually, add in about 2 weeks, we can add the grains and dairy products which I love so much.  The only supplement I plan to take is a calcium/magnesium/vitamin D supplement, because I get painful leg cramps when I don’t drink milk for a few days, and the supplement prevent the pain.

My goal is to cleanse my system and jump-start my weight loss plan.  I’d like to lose 30 lbs by August.  I’m currently in the red-zone as far as body fat is concerned, so I need a serious solution.  For exercise, I’m planning a daily yoga and zumba routine.  The goal is to do a gentle, 30-minute yoga work out in the morning and before bed, and a 30-60 minute zumba routine (with the xbox kinect!) around lunch time.  That’s 60+ minutes of exercise per day, and something I have NEVER done, so wish me luck!

The detox plan is compliments of my friend, Tiffany Boutwell, who is a certified nutrition consultant.  You can find her online at