Starting something new…meditation


I am embarking on the journey of meditation.  Work, relationships, and life can all be very stressful on a daily basis, and I am hoping that meditation can give me a break from the stress and renew my mind.  I’ve wanted to study this ancient art of “mental peace” for quite some time, and I figure now is a good time to start!

Meditation is derived from the Buddhist traditions, although you most certainly do not have to be a Buddhist to practice meditation.  For Buddhist, meditation is a way of life and increases the mind body connection.

Some common reasons to meditate:

Reduce stress

Develop a peaceful mind

Improve mental clarity

Become a happier person

Improve relationships and interpersonal skills

Increase life balance

Meditation is said to relax and refresh one’s mind.  Once you are able to learn and develop your meditation techniques, you are able to take 5-10 minutes a day (as a minimum) to build upon your meditation skills.

So far I’ve had the chance to meditate twice this week each time before bed.  I have found I sleep deeper for longer and wake up feeling more refreshed.  I really love the experience so far and am very excited to share my journey.